” Waterdrop” 72×45 cm
“Water trails” 130×90 cm acrylic
Made in Norway – 70×85 acrylic
“Memory II” Soil, Calcium, Sand, Bind, Pigment 190x115cm
“Memory I” Soil, Calcium, Sand, Pigment 190×115 cm
“Eyehole” 100×160 cm acrylic
“The silence of the silence III” acrylic 103x93cm
“The silence of the silence IV”acrylic 105x93cm
“Dark hole” acrylic 90x120cm
The Hole akryl 70×95 cm
“The Hole” acrylic 90×120 cm
The Hole akryl 70×95 cm
“Intricate hole” acrylic 45×54 cm
“Gate” 50×40 cm acrylic
“Novembermood” acrylic 70x70cm
“Uneateble” 50×45 cm acrylic
“Darkness goes” acrylic 100×90 cm
“The silence of the silence II”acrylic 105x93cm
“Breakthrugh” acrylic 105×93 cm
"Whats behind that curtain?" acrylic 40x50 cm
“Whats behind that curtain?” acrylic 40×50 cm