"Water on soil" soil pigment 50x65cm
“Water on soil” soil pigment 50x65cm






“Water trails” acrylic 130×90 cm






“Made in Norway” acrylic 70x85cm







Memory I sand, soil, calcium, acrylic, peat 190x115cm





“Memory II” Sand, soil, calcium, pigment, peat 190x115cm







“The Elements” Pigment 96×86 cm






“Water skape” acrylic 70×90 cm






“Hole” acrylic 100x160cm






“Red” grafit, soil, acrylic 60×70 cm






“Breakup fall out” Soil, pigment, peat 160×84 cm





“Silence of silence III” acrylic 103×93 cm


“Silence of silence IV” acrylic 105 x93 cm





“Hole II” acrylic 73×102 cm







“Lighthole” acrylic 90×120 cm





“Novembermode” acrylic 70×70 cm





“Uneatble” acrylic, soil, pigment 50×45 cm







“Colors of the Coast” 140x150cm x2 Material from the Coastline of Djursland







“Silence of Silence II” acrylic 105×93 cm






“Bird” acrylic 60x50cm